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Ian Fung

It all started with an interest in his father’s tools and the task of taking apart anything found within his home; needless to say, his mom was never happy at the sight of dismantled cabinets. Eventually, this progressed into a fascination with power tools and using them to construct small projects. By age 13, tools were on every birthday and Christmas wish lists and summers were spent on his father’s jobsites learning about construction.

This passion for construction lasted beyond high school and steered into an Electrical Apprenticeship Program at BCIT.  Thereafter, Ian apprenticed under a Master framing carpenter before transitioning to building custom homes under his father’s guidance and mentorship.  After several years working onsite, Ian returned back to school devoting another five years at BCIT; completing the Architectural and Building Engineering Technology (ABET) program, followed by evening studies to complete his Bachelor Degree in Construction Management (BTech).  During his studies, he continued practicing his trade and upon graduation became a project manager for a reputable renovation company known for winning Georgie awards. Eventually, equipped with a combination of hands-on, technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills, Ian branched off and founded CMGT Construction Group, providing new builds and renovations for commercial and residential projects.

Several years into his business, Ian accepted an opportunity to oversee a world-class university construction project in Mongolia. This project included roads and utilities infrastructure, land development, and advancing western construction techniques and good practices into a country trailing 30 years behind modern day standards. During these 2 years spent in Mongolia, he completed his master’s studies through BCIT and the University of Bath (UK) in International Construction Management (ICM). Currently, Ian is furthering his studies again at BCIT working towards his professional designation of Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS).

Twenty-five years since working at his first job site, Ian’s passion for construction continues to grow. He can be found interpreting and exploring new design ideas, spearheading residential construction projects and implementing innovative construction solutions.  He is always seeking opportunities to broaden his knowledge and contribute back into the industry.


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